Spanish vocabulary activity about Christmas in Spain

Are you eager to delve into the enchanting world of Spanish Christmas traditions? Whether you’re a seasoned learner or just starting your Spanish journey, our engaging activities are designed to introduce you to the festive magic of Spain during the holiday season. Let’s unwrap the joy with four delightful exercises that will not only boost your vocabulary but also immerse you in the unique Christmas culture of Spain.

Activity 1: Marzipan Delight (A1 Spanish)
Our first Spanish Christmas activity invites you to discover the delectable world of marzipan, a quintessential treat during the festive season in Spain. Your task? Learn this traditional recipe while honing your verb conjugation skills in the imperative form. Get ready to whip up some sweet holiday magic!

Activity 2: Belén Tradition Unveiled
The second exercise takes you on a journey to explore the beloved Spanish tradition of Belén, the nativity scene. Through a fun fill-in-the-blanks activity, you’ll identify the elements of Belén and complete their names with provided incomplete words. It’s a creative way to become familiar with the key components of this cherished tradition.

Activity 3: The 12 Grapes Tradition
In our third Christmas activity, you’ll dive into the tradition of eating 12 grapes as the clock strikes midnight on New Year’s Eve in Spain. But there’s a twist! You’ll express your own goals and desires for the upcoming year using common A1 grammatical expressions. It’s a chance to infuse your language learning with a touch of Spanish New Year’s magic.

Activity 4: Fiesta de los Reyes Magos
Last but certainly not least, we present the colorful “Fiesta de los Reyes Magos,” the celebration of the Three Wise Men. In this activity, beginners will engage with captivating images to share presents using direct object pronouns. It’s a hands-on experience that brings to life the joyous spirit of gift-giving during this festive occasion.

These activities offer a delightful and informative way to explore Christmas in Spain, making it a memorable addition to your Spanish language journey. Whether you’re refining your verb conjugations, discovering cultural traditions, or expressing your aspirations for the year ahead, each exercise contributes to a richer understanding of Spanish language and culture. So, let’s come together and celebrate the magic of Spanish Christmas!

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Download the instructions in PDF