A1 level activity to practice verbs like gustar

This A1-level Spanish exercise provides an effective way for students to practice verbs like “gustar” that express both positive and negative emotions. By incorporating various activities, it offers a comprehensive approach to understanding and using these emotion-conveying verbs.

The first exercise centers on a series of affirmations, each containing feelings associated with specific things or actions. Within each phrase, two options are provided, each containing a verb that expresses an emotion. The objective is for students to carefully match each affirmation with the option that most closely aligns with its intended meaning. This exercise encourages students to not only grasp the nuances of verbs related to emotions but also apply their understanding in context.

The second activity takes a deeper dive into the verbs introduced in the first exercise, such as “gustar,” “chiflar,” “encantar,” “enloquecer,” “volver loco,” “poner nervioso,” and “dar pánico.” Students are tasked with categorizing these verbs into two groups: those associated with positive emotions and those linked to negative emotions. This classification exercise reinforces their ability to recognize and differentiate between verbs expressing various emotional states.

To foster oral expression and interaction among A1-level students, the final activity encourages group or pair discussions. Students are prompted to formulate questions using the previously introduced verbs. This open-ended exercise not only reinforces their understanding of the verbs but also promotes active communication, allowing them to practice real-life conversation scenarios.

The overarching goal of this exercise is to enhance students’ proficiency in using verbs related to emotions in both affirmative and negative contexts. By engaging with these verbs through a range of activities, students gain a comprehensive understanding of their meanings and applications. Moreover, the interactive nature of the exercise encourages students to actively practice and apply their newfound knowledge.

In summary, this A1-level Spanish exercise offers a well-rounded approach to practicing emotion-conveying verbs like “gustar” in positive and negative contexts. Through matching affirmations, categorizing verbs, and engaging in oral discussions, students can develop a deeper understanding of these verbs and build their confidence in using them effectively in real-life conversations.

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