Activity making evaluations with the perfect subjunctive tense

This B1 level Spanish activity is designed to provide practice in using structures related to evaluations and opinions with the perfect subjunctive tense. It encourages students to engage in written expression and critical thinking while working collaboratively with their peers.

To begin the activity, the class is divided into pairs, and each pair is assigned various situations or scenarios to evaluate and express opinions about. These situations can vary in content, allowing students to explore different topics and apply the perfect subjunctive tense in various contexts.

Within their pairs, students work together continuously to assess the proposed situations and provide written evaluations and opinions. This collaborative approach encourages communication and cooperation as they strive to reach a consensus on their assessments.

The use of the perfect subjunctive tense in their expressions adds a layer of complexity to their language skills. This tense is often employed to convey opinions and assessments with a sense of certainty about past actions or events. For example, a pair might write, «Creemos que el concierto haya sido un éxito» (We believe that the concert was a success) or «Esperamos que la película haya sido entretenida» (We hope that the movie was entertaining), employing the perfect subjunctive to convey their opinions with confidence.

By practicing this tense in the context of evaluations and opinions, students not only reinforce their grasp of Spanish grammar but also enhance their ability to articulate judgments effectively. They learn to express their thoughts and assessments with precision and nuance, a valuable skill for both language learners and communicators.

Moreover, this activity fosters critical thinking and encourages students to consider different perspectives and viewpoints, as they may need to negotiate and reach a consensus within their pairs. It promotes a deeper understanding of the nuances of language, providing students with a practical tool for expressing their thoughts and evaluations with accuracy.

In summary, this B1 level Spanish activity offers a dynamic and collaborative approach to practicing the perfect subjunctive tense in the context of evaluations and opinions. It nurtures language proficiency, encourages teamwork, and hones critical thinking skills, all while equipping students with the language tools they need to articulate their assessments effectively.

If you like, you can download this activity, and its instructions, by clicking here:

Activity making evaluations with the perfect subjunctive tense

Instructions for activity making evaluations with the perfect subjunctive tense