Online classes or face to face classes? 5 top reasons for each way of learning!

Hi! We are guessing that if you have come to this page, it is because you are studying Spanish, or you are interested in doing so. Nowadays, there are many ways of learning Spanish. And, like you, there are many students studying Spanish who are wondering whether to attend virtual classes or face to face […]

Hi! We are guessing that if you have come to this page, it is because you are studying Spanish, or you are interested in doing so. Nowadays, there are many ways of learning Spanish. And, like you, there are many students studying Spanish who are wondering whether to attend virtual classes or face to face classes.

As a result of the situation in the last few months, we launched our online learning programme. That is to say, we developed a programme of classes in virtual classrooms, so that no one would be unable to learn Spanish during the quarantine. And we have to say… it has been a real success! If you don’t believe us, we recommended that you take a look at this video by our student Kossay, in which he shares his perspective…



Now, with the re-opening of our school in Madrid and the return to face to face classes, following hygiene and safety measures, many students are asking us which option is better.

Therefore… how to choose?

Those who are in Madrid or who have the possibility to come, want to know: should I sign up to online classes or come to the school? We hope that when you finish reading this piece, you can make your own conclusions (spoiler alert: whichever option you choose at AIL Madrid, you will receive high quality teaching).

We can assure you that each option has its advantages. Both in online classes and face-to-face classes, you will be able to learn Spanish and achieve your goals. We guarantee you that our professors will equip you with all the tools so that you will learn in the best way possible.

But, as you are not the only person who will be having some doubts, we have asked our students, both in face to face and online classes, to tell us their reasons for choosing one option over the other. Now we are going to tell you about the benefits of each option:

5 reasons to sign up to online Spanish classes! 

Is studying in a virtual classroom as beneficial as face-to-face classes? The answer is: of course! Here are the main reasons why our students chose to study online:

  1. If you are a little shy or introverted, this option is great for you. Behind the screen, you will grow in confidence. It is proven that students in the online classroom overcome their shyness and have high levels of participation.
  2. You can study from anywhere in the world: it doesn’t matter if you are at home, in a café, on holiday or visiting family. With only an electronic device and internet connection, you already have all that you need.
  3. Flexible timetable: this way of learning is compatible with any style of living. You can choose your own timetable which best suits your schedule. Therefore, you can balance your classes perfectly with you commitments, work and leisure time.
  4. You don’t have to use public transport, and this option can help you save money on travel costs: and reduce your carbon footprint!
  5. You will improve your digital skills in using our online learning platforms. We think that this is both an academic, professional and personal benefit

5 reasons to study Spanish in our face-to-face classes!

Are you in Madrid or have the possibility to come and study here? Therefore, you need to know the advantages of face-to-face Spanish classes. According to our students, these are the top 5 reasons for coming to the school:

  1. Intensive exposure to the language: everything is done in Spanish! As soon as you arrive at the school, our team will be speaking Spanish, even to help you when ask for advice. In this way, you will not waste a single minute of practice. Being in an environment that is 100% Spanish increases the speed of learning the language.
  2. Complete immersion in the language: being able to share experiences in the classroom makes learning much easier and smoother. This is because sharing an experience in a specific space strengthens the links and associations in the language.
  3. Communication is not just verbal: face to face contact allows you to read body language and gestures. Complementing studying a language with face to face interactions helps to cement the language in a natural way
  4. Meeting new people: you will share great moments with your classmates and teachers in the breaks. Connecting with other people will mean that communicating in Spanish will become easier… and super fun!
  5. Studying in Madrid will allow you to immerse yourself in a new culture. Being the world capital of Spanish, Madrid welcomes around 40,000 students a year from all over the world. That is why you will never be short of activities and take advantage of all that the Madrid has to offer. Coming to Madrid to study is the ideal way to support your learning outside of the classroom. How? By getting into the local life!

As an example, we invite you to see what our student Laura thinks of AIL MAdrid’s classes.

To summarize…

We hope this has helped you to choose the best option to learn Spanish that works for you. We never get tired of repeating: we have a friendly team, specially prepared to answer your questions with pleasure! Get in touch and we will help you!

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